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Nominee Directors play a big part in keeping your personal information secure. Many countries and jurisdictions allow for the use of nominees in incorporating companies.


This page talks about the Nominee Director and delves into further detail about his job.

For undisclosed reasons, not everything about Nominees are discussed on this public page. If you need more information, you may contact us directly.

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The Nominee Director represents the director of the company. Nominees are used mainly for security reasons -- to protect your personal information as well as your business activities. Countries who have accepted the Nominee system into their incorporation procedures are:

Using a Nominee gives you the option not to provide authorities with your personal information. Your name, address, ID´s, and passport details are never registered, and therefore, never recorded to be shared to third parties.

The Power of Attorney is a legal document issued to protect the rights of your company. This document includes the Certification of Notary Public and Apostille. It protects your company´s rights and business activities.

Now you don´t need to open a new company by using personal information at the risk of thievery.


The use of the Nominee Director´s information instead of your own gives you protection and security. Any required documents will be provided by the Nominee Director, without you having to inconvenience yourself. In short, you may incorporate a company without ever divulging any of your personal details.
The Nominee system is perfectly legal and is recognized by many tax havens around the world.

Price:350.00 EUR

Nominee-Owner Relationship

Your rights as the real owner of the company is protected by the Power of Attorney. After the Nominee Director has completed the process of incorporating your company, he loses his rights over your business to you and will act only during maintenance activities of the corporation.

Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney is a document issued to you that certifies your authority over your business. It gives the actual company owner the guarantee that the rights to your company will transfer back to you upon the completion of tasks by the Nominee Director.

This document is also applicable when opening corporate bank accounts. After the application process, account management can only be done by you as the Nominee loses his rights as soon as the application process is over.

Reliability of the Nominee Director

Availing of the Nominee System takes a lot of trust between the Nominee and the actual owner. Thus, it is important that nominees are trustworthy and that the Nominee System itself protects the actual owner from opportunists.

Oobac provides a nominee service that fulfills the necessary requirements for this system. With our thorough screening process, we can guarantee that our nominees will do only what´s necessary in a transaction.

Nominee Nationality

Oobac ensures that the nominee is a non-resident in your locality. This is an important detail in nominee services. For more information, please see the following corner:

Risks of Using a Resident Nominee

Nominees are made sure not to reside in high-security countries who may question their activities so that they can provide your information their protection.

Nominee information, in turn, cannot be disclosed freely until you avail of the service.

Opening Bank Accounts

You may use a nominee to open bank accounts around the world (given that these banks accept nominees). This way, your assets are doubly secure by maintaining your rights to your account.
Oobac may facilitate your application to any of the following banks:

Is this legal?

The Nominee Service is completely legal.
However, legal systems around the world vary. While many recognize this service, nominees can never open accounts in countries who don´t accept this kind of procedure.
Oobac always respects the laws of a jurisdiction and will never bend rules. We seek only to provide you with opportunities to grow as a company.

The Renewal Process

Once a company has been incorporated by a nominee, the same nominee must also be the one who renews the contract per year. Note that nominee fees are charged per service and the contract is terminated if payment is not given.

Of course, a nominee can be terminated at any time. Simply contact us and we shall try our best to fulfill your wishes quickly.

How to deal with the bank account?

When you Nominee opens a company bank account, the Power of Attorney reverts all rights to the company back to you.

He/She loses all rights to know the ID or password of the bank account.
You can manage your account on your own without the assistance of a Nominee or a POA.
When the bank renews its systems, or if you want to open another account in other bank, a new POA will be requested from the Nominee.
In these cases, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you.

The Nominee´s Responsibilities

The Nominee Director is to provide his/her name, address, ID number, passport number, and other necessary personal details.
As soon as the application has been processed, the nominee´s responsibility is to turn over all rights to the company back to you, the owner.

Risks in Using a Nominee

Using a nominee who has previously been associated with an application in the same country may produce drastic results. Taxes and criminal laws will have to apply to both you and the nominee if he lives in the same country.
This is why Oobac makes the extra effort to ensure this never happens.
A nominee must never be a fellow resident to ensure both of your securities.

Nominee Shareholders

A company needs not only a Nominee Director, but also a Nominee Shareholder these days for added security. This service is also offered. For more details, visit the following link:

Nominee Shareholder

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