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With Business Center (KL), you can keep your own staff, because Business Center is not virtual, but real.

Business Center (KL)

Your own staff will do real business for you, answering the call from your customers, replying e-mail, delivering goods/service, as well as making a contract with other company under your instruction.

There are two types of employee, Limited and Full employee, who can be chose according to your demand.

Our Packages(Monthly Fee)

Language Limited  
English 125.00 EUR Order

Language Part Time  
English 600.00 EUR Order
Chinese 800.00 EUR Order
Japanese 1000.00 EUR Order
Korean 900.00 EUR Order
Persian 800.00 EUR Order

Language Full Time  
English 1200.00 EUR Order
Chinese 1600.00 EUR Order
Japanese 2000.00 EUR Order
Korean 1800.00 EUR Order
Persian 1600.00 EUR Order

part time employee (4hour per day)
Full time Employee (8 hour per day)

Your own Staff

With your own staff, your business will be handled by him/her/them, include to keep your utmost security, making signature for a contract as well.

Normally, when you try to keep your own staff in overseas, lots of budget will be required.
But with Business Center (KL), much less budget for setting up your office. And with this office, you can keep your own staff easily.

Business Center (KL) has a secretary for your business activity. So, normally, no need to keep your own staff.
But, when your business is going to expand, or when you need someone who can make the signature on a contract, keeping your own staff in Business Center is quite powerful.

Race and Level of Salary

There are two types of employment of your own staff.
One is Limited Employee with yearly contract, other is Full Employee getting by head hunting.

When you choose Full Employee, your staff can be chose from many races as well as many levels of salary.
In Malaysia, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, European, even the person from Middle East Countries who can speak Arabic can be chose. There are many choices. The level of salary is depend on his ability, experience and skill.

Limited Employee and Signature

Limited Employee is the person just to be kept with certain condition, yearly.

For example, when you need to make a contract with other company/individual, always there is the problem who will make a signature. If you don´t have any staff, you have to make a signature yourself. And, sometime, this is quite inconvenient for keeping your security. You can ask your Nominee Director for signature, but fee and time is required as well as tough due diligence.

Just keep your Limited Employee who is legal, lawful employee belong to your company. Then your headache will be vanished easily. The fee is only EUR 885 per year.

Limited Employee required real trust and faith to you. So, normally, Oobac will provide you trustful person.

Handling business by Full Employee

Full Employee means normal employee.
When you keep Business Center (KL), he/she will be in this office.
They are full employee deal with all your business under your instruction, include making a signature for contract or invoice (as long as you give them the authority for this).

When you need specific person who has a status or license to handle your business, we will do head-hunting.
The fee on this page, in this case, is the fee for head-hunting.

Non Responsibility Letter

When Limited Employee is required to make a signature on some contract or invoice, you have to agree with the subjects of Non Responsibility Letter.

Employee Letter

Both cases of Limited Employee and Full Employee, legal employment letter need to be prepared. If you don´t have the one suitable in Malaysia, we can provide you with free.

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