Secure Email Address

Ordinary emails are known to be prone to threats. Oobac offers you Secure Email Service that protects you and your information with its anonymity and encryption features.

Secure Email Address

Our email accounts are equipped with military-level SSL.
Not only will your email be protected, the system is very easy to learn and use.

E-mail and IP address

Emails contain all sorts of information: the recipient, content, route of delivery, IP addresses, and more personal details. You become prone to threats every time you send out an email.
Security programs like PGP are only effective to an extent. Your email header, IP address, and other information are never protected and can still be traced back to you. This is a major problem that always seems to be overlooked in the midst of other online threats such as viruses, worms, and hacking.

Server Logs

Free email services make use of free servers to store your emails. This means that someone can easily log into these records and take your personal information. Business have been brought down by these kinds of threats resulting to continuing court battles with regard to online privacy.
This simply means that while free email services are convenient to use, security will be a problem for business-critical activities. Free email services simply cannot be used by corporations.

Price: 99.00 EUR

Protect Your Emails

Your emails contain critical information such as IP addresses and server names -- information needed so that an email can be sent. A serious problem is that these are logged onto prone servers that are susceptible to opportunists.
With these dangers in mind, how can you send confidential email safely? What can we do about these conditions?

Oobac´s Secure Email Service solves this problem by maintaining your anonymity. IP addresses and other critical information are never logged publicly.


Secure Email Service ensures that your presence online cannot be traced. Your IP address will never be logged and will be removed from access logs to protect your privacy.

Never Change Your Email Address Again

With Secure Email Service, you can now maintain a single email account for the long-term. Its tight security keeps you safe from third-party risks that compromise free email accounts everywhere.

SSL Security

Secure Email Service is equipped with SSL to prevent third parties from tracking your activities. High security servers are meaningless if your actions can still be seen from a remote location.
SSL comes with the Secure Email Service and does not require additional fees.
SSL secures your email server as well as your activities.

Used as a Normal Email Server

The Secure Email Service can be used for normal emailing functions and for webmail functions.
A program installed in your computer enables you access to your account from your local machine. Ensure that your email client is capable of supporting SSL in order for you to benefit from its security tools.

Use as Web Email

You can also access our Secure Email Server from your browser as easily as you can access your free emails online. Rest assured that you are corresponding on secure lines.

Features of Secure Email Service

SSL encrypted Webmail Access
SSL secured POP/IMAP protocols
Compatible with Outlook and other email softwares
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited email
Anti-Spam filters and tools
Complete online Administration tool
Continuously Secured Servers and encrypted backups

Required Documents

For both Company and Individual:
Passport copy
Proof of Address (within 3 months)

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