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this service DID, or Direct Inward Dialing, is a service wherein you can get a local number for 57 countries.


What is DID?

DID or Direct Inward Dialing, is a service where with a single step, you can get a local number for 57 different countries worldwide. This makes you reachable to your clients --: making you available from anywhere in the world. Using DID helps establish your business presence easily in these locations --: making you available from anywhere in the world.

Calls to your DID number you can receive in any place in the world.
It´s FREE when you use Skype, VOIP/SIP, Google Talk, MSN Messenger to talk with your clients!

Make Your Business Presence Known

DID offers boundless possibilities in the way you communicate with your client. No longer will you need to spend for international phone calls to reach your client on the other side of the world: neither will your clients be inconvenienced whenever they need to reach you.

Services such as Skype, VOIP/SIP, Google Talk, and MSN Messenger make free international phone calls possible. In fact, you´ll need to man your communication lines 24/7 considering how you´ll be available to all time zones at any time of day.

Advantages of DID

There are many reasons why you should get a DID Number:

  • Even if you are not in destination country, your presence is there!
  • Having a different contact number per location improves your security.
  • In a single step, you can have a local number in many countries.
  • Your company can set up international conference calls anywhere for free!
  • Even if you are in abroad, your telephone number is not changed.
  • You can get in touch with overseas family and friends for free!

There are many ways to use DID. It´s all depend on your imagination and idea!

Worldwide Local Numbers

Having a local telephone number in your client´s location means that your business can be reached without having to make an international call.

Expanding your business globally is made even easier. Say goodbye to communication fees and the usual hassles of IDD. DID gives you the power to be closer to your client even if you´re on the other side of the world.

FREE International Calls

Establishing a global presence doesn´t have to be bogged down with fees at the expense of your company. While your DID number is localized per country, telephone calls are actually diverted through Skype, VOIP/SIP, Google Talk, and MSN Messenger --: all of which are free!

Note, however, that using regular communication lines such as telephones with your DID number would still incur usage costs.

DID Coverage

The following are a list of countries currently supporting DID:
The numeric number inside () is the country number.

  • Argentina (54)
  • Bahrain (973)
  • Bulgaria (359)
  • China (86)
  • Cyprus (357)
  • Dominican Republic (1)
  • France (33)
  • Greece (30)
  • Ireland (353)
  • Jordan (962)
  • Luxembourg (352)
  • Malta (356)
  • New Zealand (64)
  • Panama (507)
  • Romania (40)
  • Slovakia (421)
  • South Korea (82)
  • Switzerland (41)
  • United Kingdom (44)
  • Australia (61)
  • Belgium (32)
  • Canada (1)
  • Colombia (57)
  • Czech Republic (420)
  • El Salvador (503)
  • Georgia (995)
  • Hong Kong (852)
  • Italy (39)
  • Latvia (371)
  • Macedonia (389)
  • ...

Required Documents

Copy of Company Documents.
Passport copy/proof of address of shareholders and directors.
Business plan.
Proof of Address of Company (in the case of existing company, within 3 months)

Passport copy
Proof of Address (within 3 months)
Purpose of using a DID Service.

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