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You can have a business address for your company in many locations. We offer you business addresses from a selection of 14 cities in countries around the world. Not only will you globalize your company, it maintains your security as well.

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What is Business Address Service?

To maintain security at your convenience, we can provide your company with an overseas business address.

Any mail received in this location will be forwarded to the address of your instruction. Oobac will make sure that your package is kept secure until you have received it.

This business address is an actual physical location. The basic fee is 259.00 EUR per year. Depending on the chosen country or city, additional fees may be charged.

Make Your Business Presence Known

DID offers boundless possibilities in the way you communicate with your client. No longer will you need to spend for international phone calls to reach your client on the other side of the world: neither will your clients be inconvenienced whenever they need to reach you.

Services such as Skype, VOIP/SIP, Google Talk, and MSN Messenger make free international phone calls possible. In fact, you´ll need to man your communication lines 24/7 considering how you´ll be available to all time zones at any time of day.


Price per Year 259.00 EUR(minimum)

Type of account:

Choose the country:


It is unfortunate that our personal information is always at risk of being taken advantage of by opportunists or thieves when given the chance. As such, contacting someone overseas may pose a personal or corporate threat.

Oobac provides a more secure option for you when transacting overseas. With your personal information kept from third parties, you are guaranteed confidentiality and protection.

Public Use of the Address

The address provided will be an actual, physical address and can be used to correspond with your clients as well as your partners. You may post this on your company website or even use it for your personal transactions.

Note that using this address for any illegal activities is strongly prohibited. Oobac reserves the right to terminate its services and grant no refunds if this becomes the case.

Country / City Fee

Our business address services are available in the following locations with their corresponding fees. Each one has a minimum term of one year. Fees are calculated in EUR.

The basic fee is 259 EUR --: additional fees are detailed below:

Country/City Additional fee
Kuala Lumpur ---
Delaware ---
Delaware World Trade Center EUR 190.00
New York EUR 190.00
Nevada EUR 190.00
British Virgin Island EUR 100.00
Belize EUR 190.00
Canada EUR 190.00
Dubai EUR 240.00
Hong Kong EUR 240.00
Mauritius EUR 190.00
New Zealand EUR 240.00
Seychelles EUR 190.00
Switzerland EUR 390.00
United Kingdom EUR 190.00

Package Forwarding

Oobac shall deliver your post four times a month. Forwarding fees are charged at 200 EUR monthly and are not included in the above-listed fees.

Required Documents:

For Company Use
 Copy of Company Documents.
 Passport copy/proof of address of shareholders and directors.
 Business plan.
 Proof of Address of Company (in the case of existing company, within 3 months) For Individual Use:
  Passport copy
Proof of Address (within 3 months)
Purpose of using a DID Service.

Mail Security

our mail will be secure and kept confidential from anyone except when Oobac is legally bound to share its contents. The forwarding address you shall provide us will also not be shared with any third parties.

However, packages containing illegal goods shall be reported to authorities.

Note that some packages may need to be inspected by the authorities during their delivery to you. Shipping taxes are also payable to you.


While the business address may be used by your company, it is not a registered address. This means that official documents from government offices or other such institutions cannot be received in the business address location.

We strongly discourage using the business address in advertising media such as television and newspapers because of the address´ unregistered status.

This address is also not to be used in reseller or re-rent activities.

The business address is dedicated to companies who want to maintain a physical presence in a specific country while keeping themselves secure. Illegal activities involving the address would result to an immediate termination of our contracted services to you. These activities include: Fraud.

  • Unlicensed trust, bank, insurance, and fund activities.
  • Using the business address as a registered address.
  • Use of the address for receiving official or public documents (i.e. resident registration).
  • Use of the address in public advertisements.
  • Use of the address with the person´s name who does not exist.
  • Use of the address to receive suspicious packages.
  • Business activities under personal name.
  • Resale of the address, sublease, or acquisition of the address.
  • Any resale activities.
  • Direct mail activities.
  • Any activities concerned to mass media.
  • Any activities in gray zone.
  • Illegal offshore/onshore activities.
  • All activity against our reputation and profit.

** Please note: **
It is Oobac´s policy to support companies who seek business profits through legal means. We maintain the authority to terminate our relationship with a company which resorts to illegal activities to achieve its goals.

Because of no actual business activity of your company in this address, you can´t expect to be issued Proof of Address. When you need real Proof of Address, please consider to keep Business Center (KL).

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