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Setting Up Your Links to Oobac
Here are the instructions on how to set up your links to Oobac. Please read carefully.

Sign Up with Oobac
Confirm Your ID Number
Select and Download Banners
Change Your Scripts
Set the Banners Up on Your Page
Upload Your Banners
Remember to Recheck

Sign Up with Oobac
Before settin up your banners on your page, you first have to register as a partner.
Your personal ID will be activated after you sign up. Without activation, your registration will not be complete.
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Confirm Your ID Number
Your assigned ID is the same ID you use to log in to the Partner Corner.
Partner Log-in

Select and Download Banners
Select your banners in the following page:
Our banner is here

Make to download all banners you select. Please do not create links to the Oobac web site.
Steps to downloading your banners:
1) Place your cursor on the banner you choose.
2) Press the right-click button on your mouse.
3) Select "Save Images..." on the menu.
4) Specify your destination folder.
5) Click "Save". The banner should begin downloading.

Change Your Scripts
All banners have scripts attached below it.
Always remember to copy the scripts.

You must include your personal ID on each script before putting the banners up on your page.
You can use simple text editors like Notepad.

For example, if your ID is "Sample ID", put your ID on the part of "XXXXXXXXX".

<a href=http://www.oobac.com/?store=jp&aid=XXXXXXXXXX><img src=468x60.gif alt=Oobac Business Tools width=468 height=60></a>

After changing:
<a href=http://www.oobac.com/?store=jp&aid=sample><img src=468x60.gif alt=Oobac Business Tools width=468 height=60></a>

This completes the script.

When you log-in to Partner Corner, your script embedded your ID is prepared.

Set the Banners Up on Your Page
You can place the script anywhere on your page.
After putting the script, upload all your files to your server.

Upload Your Banners
Always remember to uplaod your banners. If you fail to upload your banner, it will not appear on the site.

The most basic way of uploading this is uploading from the same folders.
However, if you want to change your upload folder, ensure that you make the proper changes to your script as well.

Remember to Recheck
Recheck your pages once everything has uploaded to make sure all banners are in place.

Test your banners by clicking them. You sould be directed to the Oobac site.

Check the navigation bar of your browser for your personal ID. You´ll know everything is going smoothly when you see your ID on the site URL.

If your ID does not appear on the URL, make the necessary changes to your script.

You´re on your way! All you have to do now is wait for someone to click your banner.

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