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It´s Completely FREE!
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It´s Completely FREE!
Joining is absolutely FREE.
No obligations, no stocks, no risks, no fees whatsoever.

To sign up for our Affiliate Program, all you have to do is put an Oobac banner on your page. That´s it! This is something you can easily do - there´s no need to stress about it.

Please refer to the following page for the commission rates for Free Partners:
Details of Commission

Only one step to sign up
To sign up as Free Partner is very easy.
Please click the banner up-right side of this page shown as "Sigh up as Free Partner".

Then you will see the form of registration on your browser.
Please fill up your information correctly.

Please note that your name and e-mail address should be correct.
If your e-mail address is not correct, you can´t receive the information from us.

How to Set Up Your Banner
The following page contains instructions on how to set up your banner:
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